tours of car factory in the Motor Valley
tours of car factory in the Motor Valley

tour 6


Tour 6 includes:

  • Pik up and drop off
  • Visit to FERRARI  Museum (Maranello).
  • Visit to FERRARI Company – The production (Maranello)
  • Visit to MEF –Museum Enzo Ferrari  (Modena)
  • Visit  to DUCATI Company & Museum (Borgo Panigale, Bologna)
  • Lunch in a typical restaurant

Round trip

Our driver will pick you up directly at your hotel or alternatively, in a place of your preference. Once the tour you will be taken back at your hotel. All the movements will be carried out with a Mercedes van equipped with air conditioning and wi-fi.

Visit the Ferrari Museum (Maranello):

ferrari museum maranello

Visit to the Ferrari Museum (Maranello): IN this place the cars that have made the history of the prancing horse are exhibited: from Formula 1, like the 312 T4 by  Gilles Villeneuve or the cars driven by Michael Schumacher who from 2000 to 2004 won 4 world titles, Gran Turismo, prototypes up to road cars. For the fans of Formula 1 the museum offers two unique experiences of their kind, upon reservation it will be possible to experience the experience of a pit stop and / or relive the emotions of a Grand Prix by boarding a semi-professional simulator.

Visit to FERRARI Company – The production (Maranello)


Visit to the Ferrari citadel where all the cars are produced, both F1 and road of the most famous car brand in the world.The most enthusiastic fans of the “prancing horse” will appreciate this unique opportunity to enter the factory thanks to the Ferrari factory tour along the main roads through the Maranello factory and the Fiorano track. During this 45-minute shuttle bus tour, fans will be introduced to the history, the various features of the Ferrari Fiorano track and all the buildings designed by the most famous architects from around the world.    The historical part of the Maranello factory that has been meticulously preserved since the Second World War. Note that this tour of the Ferrari factory in Maranello takes you inside the factory but not inside any building, visitors will always  on the shuttle bus.   This touris a different  from the Ferrari factory owners tour as itis managed directly by Ferrari with its dealers.

Visit the museum Enzo Ferrari (Modena):

enzo ferrari museum

With its characteristic yellow Hood The Enzo Ferrari Museum, based in Modena, houses a collection of cars that starts from the most authentic origins of the most famous car brand in the world. Here are some of the most beautiful and winning cars ever, including those that Ferrari personally used to travel to the Maranello factories.    In addition, housed inside the perfectly restored workshop, where Enzo’s father worked, you will be able to visit the Ferrari engine museum, where are the engines that have equipped the Cavallino racing and road cars.

Visit the Ducati Museum:

The Ducati museum retraces the 90-year history of the Borgo Panigale brand, between challenges, successes, determination and the search for perfection. The route starts with theproduction ofbikes that, through 15 models, tell the story of evolution from 1946 to the present, then develops with the Ducati racing motorcycle gallery which, with their performance and victories, has created a legend in world motor sport to reach people. , to the facts and innovations that have made Ducati what it is today. Visit to the Ducati factory, after many years the Borgo Panigale factory has been open to visitors, who will be able to see with their own eyes how a Ducati is built, from engine assembly to testing of completed vehicles.

Lunch in a typical restaurant where you can taste the typical Emilian cuisine (a vegetarian or vegan alternative is available on request).

The visits to the factories are not available during the weekend, during the Easter holidays, on June 2nd, December 8th-24th-25th-26th and January 1st and 7th